To Create a platform of change, by inspiring others to move forward and to exceed the expectations of what’s possible for their future. This mission is manifested through exposure, self-awareness, education, and community involvement.


FAB is an organization that works alongside local school systems, community leaders and business owners with a team of dedicated volunteers who understand the importance of mentorship and being a consistent presence in the lives of children and adults. 


FAB tailors programs to shape the minds of students and promote personal growth, conflict resolution, social responsibility, academics, and college and career readiness. Our unique training and mentoring programs place a premium on personal development. As agents of change, we understand that an investment in a student’s emotional, mental, social and academic well-being, is a direct investment in their family and our community.


The Forward and Beyond Mentoring programs shape the minds of students by introducing them to our “Four Pillars of Success”.

Meet Brandon

My name is Brandon Andrew Montgomery and for all intent and purposes I would describe myself as an ordinary guy who has, to date, been exposed to a wealth of extraordinary people and experiences. The residual influence of these opportunities have been instrumental in shaping the framework for my life’s purpose and passion.

I recognize the impact of positive motivation and I also understand the value of introducing these cues to today’s youth. The sooner you are able to recognize your value, the sooner you can become an agent of change and impact the lives of others. My goal is to inspire and empower people to know that they have what it takes to set, reach, and exceed any expectation or goal in life.

Community Engagement

Our unique relationships with local schools and various non-profit organizations allow us to offer our business partners a way to connect with the community and to move Forward and Beyond together. Community engagement is our most powerful tool, and it is designed as an opportunity to connect the dots. These events are designed to be personally engaging and beneficial to all parties participating. Community engagement events are held at least once a month. These events are designed to engage students, parents, school faculty, community leaders, and local businesses around the city. Each community engagement will bring together local businesses and the communities they serve. Community engagement events are also a way for us to “focus on the family.” This is a way we get to encourage and uplift not just students, but their family members as well. Participation and slots for local businesses are limited and based on availability.


On behalf of the board of directors, staff, and students of FAB Outreach, we would like to say thank you for your donation.