Programs designed to build the whole person and provide a support system for self-development.


Forward & Beyond connects middle school students with mentors that coach students to live their best life. We provide relevant, identifiable, and personal programming geared towards education advancement, social empowerment, college and career readiness, behavioral resiliency, peer conflict resolution and identity restoration.

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FAB Mentoring Programs
Four Pillars of Success


How do I view myself, how do I view others, what does my view of myself and others tell me about where I want to go, what I want to do, and who I want to be.


Think Bigger, Think Better, Think Beyond!


The development of specific practical steps in order to achieve a goal.


Consistently measuring the distance from where you actually are to where you truly want to be (evaluating and elevating your circle).

Who We Are

Forward and Beyond (FAB) is an organization that works alongside local school systems, community leaders, local businesses, and a team of dedicated volunteers. Our mission is to create a platform of change, by inspiring others to move forward and to exceed the expectations of what’s possible for their future. This mission is manifested through exposure, self-awareness, education, and community involvement.

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The Forward and Beyond Mentoring Programs will shape the minds of students by introducing them to our “Four Pillars of Success”: Perception, Possibility, Process, and Progress.


I was seeking a program that would support my students’ social, emotional, and academic growth. Coach Brandon Montgomery has filled that need; his high energy and focused curriculum creates a built-in mentor program that addresses my students’ needs. “Coach Brandon”, lovingly called by my students, uses his passion to empower my students to develop a growth-mindset; he uses modeling, coaching, and experience to help my students thrive.
Nelda Billescas
Principal, Olle Middle School
Houston, TX
Brandon Montgomery is a world changer. Having known him personally and professionally, I can attest to his passion for impacting his community. Brandon is a proven leader who leaves a lasting impact on all whom he encounters and serves. His ability to connect with persons from all walks of life is uncanny and his trademarked approach to developing young minds is what this generation needs. Brandon is a master motivator, superb mentor, and amazing man. His gift is to take people and organizations “Forward And Beyond”!
Kalan Laws (Volunteer)
Professor, Texas Southern University
Houston, TX
I am living proof that you are an impactful man and your guidance has lead me to opportunities only god knew I was capable of. Thank you for helping me realize that I am worth more than rubies and that I was created to fulfill the purpose of service. Service to god, service to my community, peers, family, and this great nation. Because of you, countless doors of opportunity have been open to me and there are too many to list, but let’s just say: that shy and timid middle schooler that you met a few years ago would not be the young lady with a Radio Talk Show without you. You have filled a void in my life that I could never come to terms with, so I thank you for healing me with love, guidance, and support.
Student, Alief Middle School
Houston, TX


On behalf of the board of directors, staff, and students of FAB Outreach, we would like to say thank you for your donation.